Learn and practice Professor Cheng Man-Ching’s’s 37 posture Tai Chi form

Using sensitivity and balance, Push Hands explores Tai Chi as a method of being present in the moment and it’s potential for self-defense

For advanced students, study the Tai Chi Sword form including components of fencing

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal martial art and form of Chi Gong that uses meditative movements and progressive relaxation to enhance, balance and cultivate chi, (internal energy). Tai Chi is a graceful and gradual process that raises our vitality, nourishes our spirit and releases stress.

The benefits of Tai Chi accrue through daily practice and by attending class regularly. It is our goal to attend to the natural development of each student regardless of where they begin. It can restore to us a quiet and calm center that may be missing from our daily, hectic lives.



In Tai Chi philosophy the Heart-Mind is the wisdom of the intuitive mind. The characters represent clear Heart-Mind. An aspiration of the Tai Chi player is to use mind and not force. Where this essential mind goes the Chi follows. As we soften, our Heart-Mind develops.

calligraphy by Maggie Newman


Upcoming and New

continuing beginner’s to intermediate classes at the Cohasset rec. Dept. new session starting wed nights 6 pm

Monday evenings at Emmanuel Church 519  Washington St. Braintree  / Intermediate class at 5:45 – 6;45 p.m. / Beginner’s class 7- 8 p.m

Thursday evening beginner”s class at Braintree H.S. Adult ed. 6 – 7 p.m.

Saturday morning push hands class continues 9 a.m. at my studio at 9 hammond ave. Cohasset. Hopefully a new sword class soon!!!

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