HeartMind Tai Chi

The black annd white logo for Heart Mind Tai Chi translates to English clear heart mind or the deep intuitive mind

Tai Chi is an internal martial art that has been handed down from the Taoist sages of China.

Tai Chi requires perseverance. It returns to us focused, quiet minds, healthy bodies  and a profound feeling of ease that enhances our performance in every activity.

Tai Chi promotes being in the moment, calm reflection and the ultimate opportunity for personal growth.

This graceful process raises vitality, nourishes the spirit and releases stress.

Classes and Workshops
Instructor Fred Willette

Instructor Fred Willette practicing Tai Chi form in an outdoor setting

Tai Chi Form

Explore the five main principles of the Tai Chi form handed down from Professor Cheng’s 37 posture form.

Instructor Fred Willette and student practicing Tai Chi push hands

Tai Chi Push Hands

A meditative experience using the Tai Chi principles of sensitivity to unbalance your partner.

Fred Willette during a Tai Chi Sword class

Tai Chi Sword

This class is a continuing study of Tai Chi principles that incorporates elements of fencing

Located in Boston’s South Shore area

Classes in Hingham and Cohasset

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Fred Willette with a group of students practicing Tai Chi form