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There is much written about the health benefits of  Tai Chi.  It is interesting that the benefits vary based on the individual and are often in unexpected areas.

The Body

As an exercise for overall health Tai Chi has been shown to be very effective.  In a study at the Harvard School of Medicine, it was concluded that Tai Chi could help lower blood pressure and increase oxygen saturation levels in the hemoglobin.

*Leg strength

is  markedly improved as a result of regular practice of Tai Chi.


In a study at the University of Atlanta 70% of test subjects were shown to have a significant improvement in balance.  In addition, test subjects who had had strokes maintained this improvement after six months and beyond.


In the U.S. in 2012  falls in older adults were estimated to cost $20 billion.

In a 1000 person study done in Australia senior citizen participants who practiced Tai Chi  were shown to have a 70% less rate of falls than that of the control group who did not practice Tai Chi.


As a weight bearing exercise Tai Chi has been shown to be very effective for people with osteoporosis, improving bone mass.


People with arthritis report significant improvement in range of motion and control of arthritic pain.

Students with fibromyalgia and muscle spasms report lessening of symptoms and steady improvement.

All students report better and more restful sleep.


The Mind

The process we use in learning Tai Chi  enhances focus, attention and awareness.  All students report improvement in these areas, as well as, a centered sense of calmness and the physical/mental tools to combat stress. The most important benefit of Tai Chi is that it improves the quality of our life.


Accounts from Current Students

Benefits achieved by current students appear on the Student Perspectives web page.

Student Perspectives

Tai Chi in the News

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New York Times reports describes how Tai Chi can ease the symptoms of Fibromyalsia.

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“In a study, patients with Parkinson’s disease, a progressive nervous-system disorder, had fewer falls after taking up Tai Chi.” – National Public Radio (NPR)

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“If the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan is undertaken with sincerity, humility and good intention, it can only bring joy, contentment and peace.” -Psychology Today

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“Because you are doing soft movements, you are bringing profound levels of  breath to your body. It creates a soft circulation that runs throughout your body.”  – Medill Reports, Chicago’s Northwestern University

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“There have been a number of studies demonstrating the benefits of tai chi for the symptoms of osteoarthritis including joint pain, stiffness and weakness.” – Daily Herald

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“Tai Chi offers several advantages for the athlete giving them an edge over their competition; increased coordination, active rest, and a relaxed mental state.” – examiner.com

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“Tai chi helps reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.” – Mayo Clinic

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