Tai Chi Form

37 Posture Form

The Tai Chi solo form we teach is Professor Cheng’s 37 posture form, as it was handed down from Professor’s students.

During class we explore the five main principles of the Tai Chi form – what they mean and how to follow them. We learn to do all 5 principles simultaneously and  try to use consciousness, not strength, to navigate through the form.

It takes approximately 1-2 years to learn the external mechanics of the 37 postures. After that period of time we understand it is neither about the number of postures or the amount of time it takes to learn them. It is  about the quality of  our movements and our ability to enjoy the ride on the learning curve.

After an unspecified amount of  time we may gradually transcend the physical shell we have created and find the inside and the outside to be one. There’s no hurry,  you’ll know when you get there.


Photo courtesy of Ken Van Sickle

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5 main principles of the form

Separate weight
Beautiful ladies hand
Body upright
Turn don’t twist

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